January 20, 2023

Real Estate 101: How Long Does It Take to Close?

Author: Gabe Bock

Keywords: Bock Realty Group

Welcome Back to Another Episode of Real Estate 101!

Today,  I'm going to share with you how long it takes to close on a home and why now is a good time to start planning and searching before everything really picks up during the spring and summer months!

How long does it take to close? Well, that entirely depends on the situation that the buyers coming in with. If they're paying with cash, it can typically be a very short close, sometimes a week, 10 days. If they're financing, you gotta go through appraisal, got to possibly get a survey that's approved by both lender And title company. It can take 28, 30 days, sometimes, maybe even longer A lot of it depends on just the situation.

Is it a crazy market? It is a market with fewer transactions going on locally, which allows lenders to close a little bit faster than if it's just one of those wild crazy markets.

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