October 28, 2022

Have Fun and Be Safe This Halloween

Author: Megan Bock

Keywords: Friday Favorites

How can we have fun and be safe with our kiddos this Halloween?


Here are some of my tips!
1. Plan a route & stick together.
2. Avoid costumes with mask, we want our kiddos to easily see when cars are on the street.
3. Put your child’s name, address and phone number on their costume.
4. Don't let your kids eat candy that you haven't personally checked. If candy doesn't look safe (or if it’s been opened) dispose with gloves. There is an increased presence of candy-laced fentanyl being found this year so please be careful!
5. Never let younger kids go out on their own.

It's so sad that we have to be this cautious these of days but these tips are here to help spread awareness of sex trafficking, kidnapping and any kid of harm or danger our kids could face. Let's all have fun and be safe this Halloween!